To me creating in the kitchen conjures up feelings of a past, simpler time where family and their smiles are what matter. The kitchen is generational. The kitchen is my passion.
I’ve always dabbled, always explored new concoctions to add to my lineup of self-award winning Aunt Julie desserts. How else could I dress up chocolate and butter? I realized that a candy category was sorely missing, and toffee was the answer.
Recently, my sister brought a bag of my newest achievement to work. Her boss was having a particularly bad day. While he was away from his desk, she put some toffee on a plate with a note telling him to try Aunt Julie’s Toffee. He returned to his office, shut his door only to appear moments later eating a piece of toffee saying, “I don’t know who the heck Aunt Julie is but this is the best toffee I’ve ever eaten!”
So I give you my masterpiece, Aunt Julie’s Gourmet Toffee … all the good things in life, in one mouthful.